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Meyotech is an innovative strategy to approach nutritional education and personalized dietary advice on digital platforms. Personalized nutrition goes beyond tailored menus and physical trainings. It embraces other health sciences, such as psycho-nutrition, genetics and metabolomics. The ultimate challenge is to integrate all these recent disciplines in the most personalized nutritional advice ever given. Meyotech is leading the way with the launching of an app that, apart from the basic data to create a profile, it enables to introduce other parameters equally important for nutritional and lifestyle advice.

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First of all, Meyotech contemplates different diseases and pathologies, such as hypertension or type two diabetes, being capable of adjusting and personalizing dietary advice to every specific condition. On the other hand, psycho-nutrition is a new discipline that focuses on the impact of diet in behaviour and vice versa.

According to the user’s mood, the algorithm will be capable of readjusting the dietary plan to accomplish the objective set. Moreover, in this complex algorithm, genetics plays a great part modulating the ideal diet. Since it is now known the importance of the genetic background in every aspect of our life, which has been specially studied in the control of weight loss and metabolic complications, Meyotech incorporates dozens of genetic variants implicated in these determinant processes to elaborate an even more tailored menu and dietary advice. Recent studies of this decade point out microbiota as one the master regulators of health. Thus, the study of the diversification of the microbial community living in our gut will be added to the procedure and considered when selecting recipes, seeking nutritious foods suitable for a healthy microbiota.

Best part is that Meyotech tracks daily how the user is progressing using new features such as food-image recognition and the incorporation to the algorithm of new technologies capable of analysing lipidomics (lipid profile) and metabolism from home. This daily follow-up permits Meyotech to adapt your personalized nutritional plan right away and give specific feedback for each moment, making easier the adherence to a healthy lifestyle thanks to our developed machine learning algorithm.

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